Journey to Beauty

Highly trained designer stylists work with you to beautify the hair and face.

Hair & Makeup Services

Visit our exclusive salon and experience our highly talented team of hair and makeup artists.

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Journey to Relaxation

Therapeutic and relaxing massage treatments that are unsurpassed in quality.

Massage Treatments

Begin and end your massage treatment with a visit to our complimentary Himalayan Salt Sauna

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Journey to Aquatic Bliss

Water heals,Timeless & fundamental , we call upon water to sustain all of life.

Body Treatments

Rain Shower Body Treatments stimulate energy flow, heal through warmth & gentle pressure and provide a deeply meditative experience.

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Journey Around the World

Savor packages carefully chosen from twelve destinations around the world.

Spa Packages

A sampling of our menu items including natural ingredients indigenous to the country chosen

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Journey to the Most Brilliant Experience

This is pampering at it's finest - as only Spa Sapphire can offer.

Exclusive Spa Packages

Designed to ensure the height of luxury with champagne, truffles, caviar, diamonds and more

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Journey to Radiance

Inner radiance finds expression in skin that is well nurtured and nourished.

Skin Care & Waxing

Find your inner and outer radiance with our exquisite array of skin care and waxing services

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A Journey of the Senses

Customized nail treatments rooted in the elements of air, sea, land and fire.

Herbal Aromatherapy Nails

A 5 step grooming service incorporating fresh dried herbs and essential oils.

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A Journey for Men

Rooted in earth elements, our classically male salon is a private retreat for the ultimate men's experience

Men's Services

Men's hair and nail services offered in a private area for your comfort, as well as unique massage treatments in our spa area

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Journey of Togetherness

Enhance deep connection in one of our luxurious private couples suites.

Couples Services & Packages

Enhance deep connection in one of our luxurious private couples suites.

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