Rooted in earth elements, such as stone, wood, glass, leather, bronze & nickel, our classically male men’s salon is a private retreat for the ultimate experience in men’s spa care. Men’s hair and nail services are offered in a luxurious private area & offer innovative treatments – some of which include hops & barley and syn-nake venom. An array of massage treatments exclusive to men include, our Golf Ball Massage and our Microbrew Beer Scrub & Massage. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or Guinness beer with your service. Arrive early to relax in our spa lounge area and Himalayan Salt Sauna.

Men’s Spa

Spa Sapphire Signature Massage – $110.00 (60 Min)

Customized relaxation massage for your body type

Eucalyptus & Mint Deep Tissue Massage – $120.00 (60 Min)

An problem area focused invigorating deep pressure massage designer to loosen knots

Golf Ball Massage – $120.00 (60 Min)

A full body deep tissue massage with a souvenir Spa Sapphire golf ball to take home

Sticks and Stones Massage – $140.00 (60 Min)

A deep pressure massage featuring hot basalt lava stones, bamboo and eucalyptus tapping sticks

CBD Bamboo Massage – $160.00 (60 Min Massage & take home products)

Heated Bamboo sticks along with our pain relieving CBD lotion combine to melt away stress, diffuse tension and ease aches and pains. As part of your package, take home our CBD infused body wash and pain relieving lotion to continue your relief at home. *Our non-psychoactive CBD products use the highest standard of ingredients to help relieve pain, ease tension and inflammation.

CBD Candle Melt Massage – $99.00 (60 Min)

CBD infused soy candle wax combined with Swedish Massage techniques create this warm, deeply hydrating and muscle soothing experience. Take home remaining candle at the end of the service to continue your experience at home. *Our non-psychoactive CBD products use the highest standard of ingredients to help relieve pain, ease tension and inflammation.

Good Luck Ritual – $210.00 (60 Min)

A heavenly 4 hands massage with a token gift

Muscle Meltdown Massage – $140.00 (60 Min)

A hydrating, restorative massage featuring warm soy candle wax drizzled and massaged into your muscles

Microbrew Beer Scrub & Massage – $140.00 (60 Min)

An exfoliating hops seed and sugar scrub for the body followed by a microbrew beer massage

Rugged Skin Smoother – $165.00 (60 Min)

A must have for men with dry, flaky skin

 Men’s Hair Care

Haircut with Stress Relieving Scalp Treatment – $25.00-$35.00

Clipper Cut with Stress Relieving Scalp Massage – $22.00-$30.00

Beard Trim – $15.00

Grey Blending Hair Color – $40.00

Single Process Hair Color – $45.00-$55.00

Partial Highlights – $40.00-$50.00

Full Highlights – $50.00-$75.00

Aveda Men’s Invati Thinning Hair Treatment – $145.00 (includes 2 step home maintenance kit)

Men’s Nails

Gentleman’s Signature Pedicure – $65.00 (45 Min)

Gentleman’s Signature Manicure – $35.00 (45 Min)

Callous & Heel Rejuvenation Treatment – $15.00

Extended Active Foot Massage – $15.00

Men’s Skin

Spa Sapphire Signature Men’s Facial – $115.00 (60 Min)

Men’s Facial & Shave Consultation – $100.00 (30 Min)

Black Diamond Facial – $150.00 (includes diamond peel for smoother skin texture)

Syn-Nake Venom Anti-Aging Facial – $150.00 (60 Min)

Power Back Purifier – $100.00 (60 Min)

Men’s Waxing 

Eyebrow – $15.00-$20.00

Nape of Neck – $18.00-$25.00

Nostrils – $15.00

Ear Lobes – $12.00-$20.00

Back & Shoulders – $45.00-$60.00

Chest & Abs – $45.00-$75.00

Arms & Upper Arms – $45.00-$75.00

Men’s Sampler Package – $230.00 (2.5hrs)

* 30 Min. Hot Lather Facial

* 30 Min. Neck & Scalp Massage

* 30 Min. Gentleman’s Manicure

* 30 Min. Gentleman’s Pedicure

* Scalp Conditioning Treatment & Haircut