Journey to Radiance by experiencing our exquisite array of skin care services. Inner radiance finds expression in skin that is well nurtured and nourished. Grounded in “touch” our estheticians promise unique and luxurious skin care and skin care enhancement treatments for all skin types. World-class skin care options include the use of Tuscan Wine, Caviar, Gold, Diamonds, and other natural, rare and precious ingredients. Expect the ultimate experience of pampering that grants the optimal opportunity for a facial glow that reveals your inner radiance. Begin your skin care treatment with a complimentary visit to our Himalayan Salt Sauna. 

Skin Care

Spa Sapphire Signature Facial – $115.00 (60 Min) / $175.00 (90 Min)

A facial customized for all skin types and includes a plant peel

Botanical Bamboo Facial – $125.00 (60 Min)

A facial designed for all skin types featuring facial massage with bamboo sticks

Tuscan Wine Oil Facial – $125.00 (60 Min)

A facial designed for all skin types featuring the anti-oxidant power of grapes

Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Facial – $135.00 (60 Min)

A facial designed for congested or acneic skin

Sandalwood & Lavender Brightening Facial – $135.00 (60 Min)

A facial designed to lessen the appearance of discoloration and hyper-pigmentation in the skin

Lavender Facial – $135.00 (60 Min)

A facial using aromatherapy to relax the senses while cleansing and treating the face

Pearl Radiance Facial – $140.00 (60 Min)

A deep exfoliating facial designed to improve the appearance of dull, lackluster skin

Platinum Firming Facial – $150.00 (75 Min)

An anti-aging facial designed to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Caviar Luxury Facial – $150.00 (60 Min)

An infusion of rich protein for the skin

Gold Vitality Facial – $150.00 (60 Min)

Our fountain of youth facial harnessing the powers of gold

Diamond Facial – $150.00 (60 Min)

A skin resurfacing facial designed to improve the appearance of stressed or fatigued skin

Syn-nake Venom Facial – $150.00 (60 Min)

A firming facial that gives you Botox like results without the injections

Lemon & Tea Tree Back Facial – $100.00 (60 Min)

A facial designed to treat congested. acneic skin on the back and should area

Skin Care Enhancements

Restorative Eye Treatment – $45.00

A treatment focusing on reducing puffiness, fine lines and dark circles around the eye area

Platinum Neck & Decollete Firm Treatment – $45.00

Platinum Anti-Aging Hand Peel – $45.00

Eyelash Lifting & Tinting – $50.00

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting – $50.00

Henna Brow Coloring – $50.00

Silky Smooth Waxing

Eyebrow Wax – $15.00-$20.00

Lip Wax – $12.00-$15.00

Chin Wax – $12.00-$15.00

Face Sides – $22.00-$30.00

Navel Wax – $18.00-$25.00

Nape of Neck – $18.00-$25.00

Leg Wax – $50.00-$100.00

Arm Wax – $40.00-$55.00

Under Arm Wax – $30.00-$40.00

Bikini Wax – $35.00-$75.00

Back or Chest Wax – $35.00-$45.00

Fingers or Toes Wax – $12.00-$20.00